Use compassion and creativity to do acts of good from home.

For every kind act shared with #DoGoodFromHome,
Hasbro will donate a toy or game to organizations providing care to the children of COVID-19 essential
workers, up to 25,000 toys and games.

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Youth Leaders for Racial Equality

Given the current reality, the #dogoodfromhome challenges will support
solidarity while social distancing this summer.



September 14, 2020

You are so close to return to school! But this time it is going to be different, the virus is still here so we must be incredibly careful. Make a list of the things you miss the most about school and think how you can care about yourself and your classmates.

Make a letter for your teachers telling them what are you expecting and your doubts for this new schoolyear.



September 15, 2020

We know it is difficult to get used to wear a mask for everything, sometimes it can be difficult for us to breath or concentrate. Practice at home, use your mask for one hour and try to do different activities.

Post a photo on social media remembering everyone why it is important to wear a mask.



September 16, 2020

One of the most important thins is to wash our hands correctly. To keep ourselves healthy we must wash our hands many times at least for 30 seconds.

Let us think about a song we like, learn 30 second of it and every time you wash your hands remember to sing it.



September 17, 2020

It is important to stay 6 foot away from others when you are outside your home. Measure that distance and mark it on the floor, try to learn how to maintain that distance with others. You can think about how much steps are between or measure the distance with your arms.

It is possible that in school you cannot have that distance all the time, but it is important to know how to keep it when you can.



September 18, 2020

You are preparing for return to school soon. Do not forget to clean everything you are going to use, from your backpack to your notebooks, everything must be disinfected.

Post a picture on social media and tag 3 friends to do the same.

Take a picture or video, share it on social media using

#DoGoodFromHome and challenge others!

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