Use compassion and creativity to do acts of good from home.

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Check out these challenges that you can do from the safety of your home.



August 3, 2020

Think about a place in nature that you like to visit and then draw it. Then investigate a little bit more about it, look for the animals that live there and the environmental problems that could affect it.

Think about what you can do to reduce the impact of climate change, share your ideas on social media.



August 4, 2020

Learn more about climate change and talk to your parents about it. Work with them on ideas on how you can help the planet together.

You can start with little changes and make a big difference.



August 5, 2020

Try to live one day with 0 waste. Avoid using too much water or electricity and throw away as little trash as possible. If you have some trash, think about ways to reuse it before you throw it out.

Ask your parents to help you in this task and share on social media a photo showing how you did it.



August 6, 2020

Did you know that more and more of the trash we throw away ends up in the ocean? Make a list with different ways to reduce our waste.

Share your ideas with your local community, make a poster and talk to some neighbors about this problem.



August 7, 2020

Learn how meat production is a big problem for the environment. One idea to reduce climate change is to be vegetarian one day a week.

Try this idea just one day, you can research different meal options without meat and try making them.

Take a picture or video, share it on social media using

#DoGoodFromHome and challenge others!

Get Inspired and Do Good!

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Or you can come up with your own idea!

First, pick a group you care about:

You can also hear a short podcast from people around the country who have been impacted.

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